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Our focus: orphans and vulnerable children


Helping orphans and disadvantaged children

We are working with the following schools and orphanages to provide assistance to the most vulnerable children with housing, food, clothing, health, and education:

1. Moegyo (1) Primary School at Panthapyay village in Norhtern Shan state
    October 7th 2011: Moegyo (1) Basic Primary School, Panthapyay village

2. Kani Parahita at Kani Village near Phyapon in Ayeyarwady region
    1 December 2008: Monthly contributions at Ka-ni Village Orphanage
    29 September 2008: Donation at Ka-ni Village Orphanage

3. Pyinnyar-Waddy Orphanage at Kyitelatt in Ayeyarwady region
    1 Aug 2010: Visit to Pyinnyar Waddy Girls Orphanage in Kyite Latt
    Photo Album 18 July 2010: Visit to Pyinnyar Waddy Girls orphanage in Kyite Latt
    17 July 2009: Moegyo raised over $5K for Kyitelatt Girls Orphanage
    11 July 2009: Summer Lawn Concert to raise funds for Kyitelatt Girls Orphanage
    1 April 2009: Visit to Kyite Latt Women Developing School

4. Pay-Gyaung Parahitta in Pay Gyaung village, Kyitelatt township in Ayeyarwady region

5. Mya-Theingi nunnery in Mingalardon township in Yangon region

6. Mingalar orphanage at Phayargyi village in Twantay township

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