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Frequently Asked Questions ( F.A.Q )

Where is Moegyo Humanitarian Foundation (MHF) located?
MHF is headquartered in the New York City. We have core members and volunteers in New York, New Jersey, Virginia (United States of America), Sydney (Australia), Bangkok (Thailand) and Yangon (Myanmar).
What does Moegyo mean?
Moegyo means lightning in Burmese. The name was taken to symbolize the speed needed to assist the people of Myanmar.
What does MHF do?
MHF provides humanitarian aid to the victims of natural disasters and financially disadvantaged communities in Myanmar (Burma) and help them rebuild their lives and communities through a network of volunteers.
Who supports MHF?
Individuals and corporations, and various organizations support MHF. Most of the contributions we received came from individual donors who want to help the people of Myanmar through grassroots organizations such as MHF.
Where do my donations go?
MHF sincerely appreciates the trust of the donors to use their gift wherever the need is greatest. MHF in turn pledges to use the resources as efficiently as possible to maximize the help it is providing to the people of Myanmar. During the emergency phase of Cyclone Nargis recovery, your donations were used to distribute emergency aid (rice, bean, medicines, mosquito nets, blankets, clothing, etc.); rebuilding homes; and helping the children with school supplies. Currently, MHF is focusin on helping the orphans. MHF's financial information including information on orphanages is posted on the blog ( .
Can I donate clothes, food or other supplies?
MHF can only accept in-kind donations in Myanmar due to high international shipping costs. Important items that are not available in Myanmar can be donated to MHF volunteers in Thailand. Whenever possible, MHF buys supplies locally, thereby supporting a developing economy.
Can MHF accept time and location specific donations, i.e., donations for a particular place or time?
No, MHF cannot accept donations intended for a particular place or time due to logistical challenges. Your donations will be used in the most efficient way possible to assist the victims of Cyclone Nargis and other natural disasters.
Can I volunteer for MHF?
Yes! MHF was founded with the volunteers and volunteers are the heart and soul of MHF's principle. If you reside outside of Myanmar, please help us spread the word about MHF and what it is doing to assist the people of Myanmar. If you have ideas for fundraising in your communities, send us an email at . If you reside inside Myanmar, contact us and we will get in touch with the volunteers who are assisting in different areas.
Is MHF affiliated with political or religious organizations?
No, MHF is not affiliated with any political or religious organizations. MHF's objective is to focus on providing humanitarian aid to the victims of natural disasters, people in financially disadvantaged communities and to help rebuild and improve their lives.

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